Story Time with Paddle and a member of our Bear Paddle Team, partnered with Blue Manatee Book Store. 
Blue Manatee selects two books for us to promote at each reading. Paddle, with a blanket and pillow, sits with a Beat Paddle Team member, and is read a bedtime story.
In the Clubhouse and streamed on Instagram/Facebook Live
Every other Thursday, from 7:00-8:00pm
The event is meant to engage our swimmers and get them excited about reading, while also increasing their overall interaction and exposure with Bear Paddle outside of the pool.
- Create relationships with Our Families on a entirely new level
- Mutually beneficial relationship between another local business 
- Increase our activity on social media, resulting in an increase in our overall digital traffic (bi-weekly promotion from both Bear Paddle and Blue Manatee social media platforms!)

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