Hi, I'm Kylie!
I am a marketer turned designer who uses research and artistry to create captivating visual experiences.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I spent my childhood surrounded by art and Rock n' Roll. I come from a family of creatives - musicians, designers, photographers, published writers, you name it. It's in the genes! 

Today, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm a UC alumna with a marketing degree and an itch for creative opportunities. I do everything from logo designs to photography to UI designs (and everything in between!)​​​​​​​
Quick Facts

Favorite Colors: Yellow and Teal
Favorite Animal: Koalas and Elephants
City or Country: City - I love that there is always something to do!
Design Style: Bright, bold & colorful :)
Weird Talent: I can say the ABC's backwards in under 5 seconds!
Favorite Food: Pasta, no doubt.

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